In vanilla this was done to be classic wow gold

In vanilla this was done to be classic wow gold

In vanilla this was done to be classic wow gold able to help struggling guilds catch up in AQ until Naxx was released.They don't think they were even contemplating putting it in until they understood people needed it since they were still struggling in AQ when naxx was coming outside.

One big issue is the climbing prices of rocky hide atm for individuals stockpiling for their t3. Shoulders and ring are fairly cheap gets.Yeah my first thought was how the social/alt conduct I proceed with struggleswith getting sufficient people with character res.

That is a personal problem, you can catch a friend and farm most of the NR gear you'll need from Maraudon with a couple pieces from Strat UD and also a couple of them are crafted. If folks could not bother to pick up NR equipment earlier this isn't going to change much regrettably.

Never knew why they held back the NR equipment in the first place. Fire res came with MC and Frost res comes with Naxx. .

Well, there are guilds that consist of buy wow classic gold casual gamers that play the game to have fun and performn'thave time much more than raiding. We don't use a high amount of consumables,
some folks aren't able to combine raids every week and don't have BiS because being unlucky with drops etc.. Raid installation also depends upon who shows up not on what's best
etc.. So yes, we really do need the equipment.

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