I want to know what it's ideal for me to wear/ have in my inv.

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I want to know what it's ideal for RuneScape gold me to wear/ have in my inv. And what should I use, mage, range or mele? Also if I was to visit Sara or zammy would I want different gear? I just have 1.6m atm so I think range are my very best option. Thanks for your help/time Paul. Well I would seriously not consider gwding unless you can get 80-80-80 /90 range. Most decent Tiny teams Won't even think about you unless you know everyone there (how I proceed to bandos)

For melee: Sara GS (borrow it from a friend), Bandos Tassets, Karils top/zam d hide top/Arma chest, V helm/T helm/Netiz if you have too. 52 summoning at least to get a soul terrorbird, 12 sharks/brews do help in the long run. Best of luck. Im interested in what other people think about which robes would be better on f2p. So I am wondering which is more important for a mage?

Welcome. I thought I might make a thread, that is easy and quick, this is jsut to your conventional questions, like, what level is it to go into god wars ect; ect;. I thought I would create this thread, to assist other men and women. Since alot of these questions are fruequently requested, and I will post the query, and reply below, to make it simpler for all you people out there. Also, if I haven't posted a response, don't hesitate to post one yourself. . The Fruequently requested!

To get past the boulder on the way there, [the rapid way] you need 70 power and Best OSRS Gold site you have to have completed two or three quests. I forgot exactly what ones. soz. To input the dungeons that you will need the following: Zamorak: you want 70 hitpoints. Saradomin: 70 Ability. Armadyl: 70 ranged. I'll add more when they appear.

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